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Market Hall Workshops: Shrubs: Cocktails with Everyone's Favorite Drinking Vinegar Hosted by The Works

Shrubs: Cocktails with Everyone's Favorite Drinking Vinegar - $75

Ever drink a shrub? Before you google YouTube videos of bonsai’s in vitamix blenders, we’re talking about the flavorful vinegar-based ‘shrubs' showing up all over the happy hour scene. Come find out what all the buzz is about! Shrubs are perfect base for a seasonal cocktail, and they're also great mixed with soda water for a non-alcoholic treat. We'll mix up cocktails for you to sample different shrub methods and flavors. While you taste, we'll teach you the fascinating history of shrubs (hint: they originated as a punch like drink, and later in colonial times became a way to preserve fruit), and then you'll get customize your own batch using local berries and unique infusions. Go home with your custom shrub, ideas for rotating flavors during the seasons, and a selection of cocktail recipes for hosting bomb happy hours this summer.